COCESNA, is The Central American Corporation of Air Navigation Services, COCESNA, being recognized as an air navigation service provider, with the exclusive rights for the provision of air traffic services, aeronautical telecommunications, navigation aids and aeronautical information for the territories of the Member States and other states / contracting parties. COCESNA has an experience of more than 57 years in the provision of air navigation services, technical training, safety, and other resources and capabilities to International Civil Aviation to make it more efficient and safer, through its complete infrastructure and trained personnel.

COCESNA and IFAIMA signed a memorandum of understanding, which establishes the cooperation of both parties in their respective areas of expertise and capabilities.

Both entities providing navigation services areas, have opted for the strengthening and development before the international community on issues of advice for the improvement of the management of aeronautical information, better known as AIM, in order to achieve affiliations and agreements of mutual benefit with other professional organizations.

This type of agreements establishes mutual support between entities in a reciprocal manner, while making the best use of the strengths of each of the parties; IFAIMA, according to its international market vision, will support its associate members complemented with the range of products and services offered by COCESNA, such as mutual support in the field of operations inspection; airworthiness inspection; safety oversight; Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS); Aeronautical Meteorology; Checking of flight aids; Flow management and, in general, those related to the provision of safety oversight services, among others.

Another point of this agreement is to provide advice in various areas, whether for the training of personnel or for the improvement of operations and processes; as those that are part of the COCESNA – AIM aeronautical information center, which offers the NOTAM regional processing service, contingency services and NOTAM and MET relay service by messaging, cartography development, conventional PBN procedure design, analysis of obstacles and another series of capabilities in AIM services.

There are many benefits in favor of establishing agreements with organizations at this level, we are sure that it will be an experience that will open the door to continue establishing agreements with entities outside the respective regions that will drive more and more the growth of both organizations in matters of provision of air navigation services in a safe and efficient manner.

In case you wish to know more, write to eb@ifaima.org

See also, this announcement on COCESNA website

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