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About Us

The Beginning

The days were, the 16th till the 19th June 2008, the place was, Singapore, during the course of the Global AIM Congress. Some meetings occurred and here’s what we announced to the Congress:
"We are happy to announce, that during the progress of this Congress, 23 persons representing 27 countries, came to a decision to sign the Convention for the creation of the International Federation of AIM Associations (IFAIMA) with the general objective of "to co-operate with each other and with organisations (e.g. ICAO, Eurocontrol...), which have under consideration, matters associated with Air Navigation and in particular with Aeronautical Information Management and Aeronautical Communications.

We look forward for the participation of most of the countries Associations global wide.
For more information, IFAIMA blog will be updated with the latest developments within the next couple of weeks on IFAIMA blog or by mail ifaima@gmail.com".

From those days on, IFAIMA has been run for a year, by an Implementation Commission which registered the federation before authorities.

In South Africa, June 2009, IFAIMA had its first General Assembly and the first Executive Board was elected.


The Registration

On the 13th August 2008, in Lisbon, Portugal, IFAIMA was officially registered before authorities. Here’s IFAIMA’s ID Card.


The Implementation Commission

Portugal - Fernando Lopes

Egypt - Ahmed Allam

Indonesia - Budiono Richwan

Nigeria - Kabir Gusau

Slovak Republic - Lukas Galbavy

Turkey - Mrs. Mehtap Demir