Global AIM Rio 2016

AIM – Challenges and Solutions   The Global AIM Rio 2016 took place from 17th to 19th May 2016 at the Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro. Address: Windsor Barra Hotel & Congressos – AV. LUCIO COSTA, 2630 – BARRA DA TIJUCA – 22.620-172 – RIO DE JANEIRO – RJ – BRASIL Tel.: +55 21 21955000 – Fax: […]

Global AIM Ha Noi 2015

IMPLEMENTING AIM – SHARING BEST PRACTICES   Venue – No.  5/200  Nguyen Son Street, Bo De Commune, Long Bien District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam GPS coordinates – Lat. 21° 02′ 31.30553″N – Long. 105° 52′ 53.15482″E   The Global AIM Ha Noi 2015 took place from the 9th to the 11th June 2015 at the Vietnamese ANSP – VATM premises in Ha Noi, Viet Nam.   AGENDA, […]

Global AIM Dubai 2014

IMPLEMENTING AIM – THE NEXT GENERATION AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS   Global AIM Dubai 2014 on the news Photos & Videos Presentations (Click the links on the Agenda below to open a specific presentation)   Agenda   Day 1 1000 Fernando Lopes – IFAIMA Welcome – IFAIMA 1005 His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Ahli – DCAA and DANS Opening Speech – DCAA and […]

Global AIM Istanbul 2013 & ICAO EUR/MID AIM/SWIM Seminar

IFAIMA GLOBAL AIM 2013 & ICAO EUR/MID AIM/SWIM Seminar – Istanbul – Turkey AIM SUPPORT TO SEAMLESS ATM IN A SWIM ENVIRONMENT Agenda Title/Topic Speaker Organization/Sponsored by Day 1 – 14 May Registration IFAIMA Session 1: Introduction IFAIMA Welcome Fernando Lopes IFAIMA ICAO Opening Speech Michael Hohm ICAO EUROCONTROL Opening Speech Paul Bosman EUROCONTROL General […]

Global AIM Buenos Aires 2012

AIM IMPLEMENTATION OPPORTUNITIES   Day 1 – 28th May Session 1: Welcome 10h00 -10h05 IFAIMA Welcome 10h05 -10h10 Introduction – Moderator Mr. Michael W. Hohm – Technical officer, Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM), ICAO Montreal 10h10 -10h30 Key Note Speeches – Mr. Roberto Arca Jaurena on behalf of Mr. Franklin Hoyer the ICAO SAM Regional Director / […]

Global AIM Lisbon 2011

AIM IMPLEMENTATION   Day 1 – 27th June Session 1: Welcome 10h00-10h05 Introduction – Moderator 10h05-10h30 Key Note Speeches – ICAO EUR-NAT Reg. Director, Portuguese Authority – INAC and Portuguese ANSP – NAV Portugal 10h30-10h35 IFAIMA Introduction – Mr. Fernando Lopes – President – Portugal 10h35-11h20 Coffee break sponsored by AVITECH   Session 2: Ongoing Structural Implementations 11h20-11h50 ICAO – Mr. […]

Memorandum of Understanding with ITF

IFAIMA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ITF to represent the socio-professional interests of air traffic services (AIM branch) workers around the world.

7 December established by ICAO as the International Civil Aviation Day

ICAO Assembly Resolution A29-1 officially declared 7 December as International Civil Aviation Day (ICAD). The purpose of this annual celebration is to establish and reinforce global awareness of the importance of international civil aviation to the social and economic development of States and the general fostering of international connectivity, peace and prosperity. Read more about […]

Training and Consulting Cooperation with United ATS

IFAIMA and United ATS will Continue their Contribution to IFAIMA Members in good standing and respective organizations through the following offer effective for 2019-2020:1. 50% off as discount on tuition fees for all related AIM Training Courses provided by United ATS Training Center as per Training Catalogue 2019 except ICAO STP or ITP Courses. MoU between IFAIMA and UATS […]

Just Culture Toolbox

Following decades of innovation in systems, technologies, procedures and safety management systems, the improvement of safety in operations in modern day industries relies to a significant extent on a good safety culture. The role of the human is deservedly getting more and more attention to take advantage of the opportunities for safety improvements. The single most important part of a […]