2020-05-24 to 26 Global AIM Conference 2022 – Warsaw, Poland.

2019-06-11 to 13 Global AIM Conference 2019 – Tunis, Tunisia.

2019-06-11 12th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Tunis, Tunisia.

2019-01-14 Signature of the MoU between IFAIMA and ITF.

2018-11-21 IFAIMA Recognition by EUROCONTROL

2018-05-22 to 24 Global AIM Conference 2018 – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2018-05-23 11th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2017-05-23 to 25 Global AIM Conference 2017 – Kampala, Uganda.

2017-05-24 10th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Kampala, Uganda. Executive Board reelection of Fernando Lopes as President and João Mendonça as Treasurer.

2016-05-17 to 19 Global AIM Conference 2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2016-05-18 9th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Included the FDP staff among the professionals that can be represented by IFAIMA.

2016-04-20 IFAIMA invited to participate at the ICAO IM Panel meetings.

2015-11-26 The Fifty-Seventh meeting of the EANPG agreed to include IFAIMA as a regular participant (EANPG conclusion 57/32 refers).

2015-10-01 Signature of the Declaration on Just Culture with EC and the other Stakeholders – Brussels, Belgium.

2015-06-09 to 11 Global AIM Conference 2015 – Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

2015-06-10 8th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

2015-03-04 ICAO recognition of IFAIMAICAO has added IFAIMA to the list of Organizations that may be invited to suitable meetings of ICAO.

2014-09-18 Start of Training cooperation with GroupEAD.

2014-07-31 Start of Training cooperation with United ATS.

2014-05-13 to 15 Global AIM Conference 2014 – Dubai, UAE.

2014-05-14 7th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Dubai, UAE.

2013-05-14 to 17 Global AIM Conference 2013 – Istanbul, Turkey.

2013-05-15 6th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Istanbul, Turkey.

2012-06-23 Implementation of the Online Application for Membership form.

2012-05-29 5th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012-05-28 to 30 Global AIM Conference 2012 – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011-06-28 4th General Assembly of IFAIMA – Lisbon, Portugal.

2011-06-27 to 29 Global AIM Conference 2011 – Lisbon, Portugal.

2011-10-28 Signature of the MoU between IFAIMA and ETF.

2011-01-28 Iberian SES Workshop in colaboration with APTICA, IFATSEA and ETF, Agenda.

2010-06-22 3rd Geneneral Assembly of IFAIMA – Beijing, China.

2010-06-21 IFAIMA presentation on the Industry Stream Workshop of the Global AIM Congress, China. Presented by Mr. Jorge Dias, Executive Secretary.

2010-03-26 Launching of first Newsletter 00/2010.

2010-03-21 Launching of first Global Survey on AIM (Download).

2009-10-07 and 08 Second IFAIMA presentation on the ACAC (Arab Civil Aviation Commission) AIM Workshop, held in NANSC (National Air Navigation Services Company) – Cairo – Egypt. See an IFAIMA report here.

2009-06-23 Determination of IFAIMA’s Headquarters:
Rua Norte Júnior, 231 – 9º H, 1950-206 Lisboa, Portugal.

2009-06-23 1st Revision of IFAIMA’s By-Laws.

2009-06-22 and 23 2nd Geneneral Assembly of IFAIMA. Johannesburg, South Africa.

2009-06-22 Election of the 1st Executive Board:

          President : Fernando Henriques Lopes – Portugal

         Vice-President : Kabir Yahaya Gusau – Nigeria

          Vice President : Lukas Galbavy – Slovakia

          Vice President : Azim Bul – Turkey

          Executive Secretary : Jorge Manuel Duarte Dias – Portugal

          Treasurer : João Paulo dos Anjos de Mendonça – Portugal

2009-06-22 1st Geneneral Assembly of IFAIMA. Johannesburg, South Africa.

2009-03-04 Inauguration of IFAIMA official website http://www.ifaima.org.

2008-10-21 to 23 First IFAIMA presentation on the MID AIM Seminar, Cairo. The author of the presentation was Mr. Ahmed Allam (Egypt) and was presented by Mr. Kabir Gusau (Nigeria), both members of the Implementation Commission.

2008-09-04 Acceptance of our first Corporate Member from France.

2008-09-01 Acceptance of our first Associate Association, APTICA from Portugal.

2008-08-30 Inauguration of our forum (moved to LinkedIn).

2008-08-21 Acceptance of our first Individual Associate from Cape Verde.

2008-08-14 Publication of our first Application for Membership.

2008-08-13 Official registration of IFAIMA before the Portuguese authorities.

2008-07-07 End of scrutiny for IFAIMA Logo.

2008-07-01 Inauguration of our latter blog, http://ifaima-federation.blogspot.com.

2008-06-19 Nomination of Implementation Commission Members:

          Portugal – Fernando Lopes
          Egypt – Ahmed Allam
          Indonesia – Budiono Richwan
          Nigeria – Kabir Gusau
          Slovak Republic – Lukas Galbavy
          Turkey – Mrs. Mehtap Demir

2008-06-19 Signature of the Convention for the creation of IFAIMA.

2008-06-16 to 19 First meetings for the creation of IFAIMA, Singapore.

2008-02-08 Inauguration of our first blog, http://ifaicma.blogspot.com.