Global AIM Buenos Aires 2012

Global AIM Buenos Aires 2012



Day 1 – 28th May

Session 1: Welcome

10h00 -10h05 IFAIMA Welcome
10h05 -10h10 Introduction – Moderator Mr. Michael W. Hohm – Technical officer, Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM), ICAO Montreal
10h10 -10h30 Key Note Speeches – Mr. Roberto Arca Jaurena on behalf of Mr. Franklin Hoyer the ICAO SAM Regional Director / Mr. Daniel Movsesian – National Air Navigation Director – ANAC – Argentina / Brigadier Palermo – Air Traffic General Director – Argentinean Air Force
10h30 -10h35 IFAIMA Introduction – Mr. Fernando Lopes – President
10h35 -11h20 Coffee break – ESRI


Session 2: Ongoing Structural Implementations

11h20 -11h50 ICAO SAM – Status of AIM Implementation in SAM Region – Roberto Arca Jaurena – ICAO SAM Regional Officer ATM/SAR/AIM
11h50 -12h20 EUROCONTROL – AIS-AIM Study Group results/plans – Ongoing European developments – Paul Bosman – Chairman AIS-AIMSG, EUROCONTROL Unit Manager SWIM/EA, AIM Focal point


12h20 -14h00 Lunch break – COMSOFT

14h00 -14h30 EUROCAE – AIM Industry Standards for Onboard Applications – Stephane Dubet – Chairman of EUROCAE WG44 (Terrain and Airport Database) and WG76 (AIS-MET Data-Link) and French member of the ICAO AIS AIM SG – France
14h30 -15h00 Industry Stream – NAV-Portugal – NAV Portugal plan for the transition from AIS to AIM – Mrs. Goretti Reis – NAV-Portugal Head of AIS/COM Development Service


Session 3: Users Needs

15h00 -15h30 APLA – Argentinean Pilot´s Association – SMS Implementation – Capt. Alejandro Lopez Camelo – Safety Secretary Region SAM and IFALPA Regional Vice-President SAM


15h30 -16h15 Coffee break – THALES

16h15 -16h45 IFATCA/ATCA – Argentinean ATC Association – The importance of Aeronautical Information to ATC – Mr. Carlos Torres – Inspector/Auditor of the National Direction of Inspections – ANAC – Argentina


Summary Day 1

16h45 Summary Day 1 – Moderator
17h00 Regions Fora
19h30 Buenos Aires Welcome – NAV PORTUGAL


Day 2 – 29th May

Session 4: Regions’ AIM Overview
09h30 – 10h00 APAC – AIS-AIM Achievements in Asia and Pacific Region – Mr. Budiono Richwan – IFAIMA APAC Regional Director and Aeronautical Information & Aeronautical Communication Manager at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport – Indonesia
10h00 -10h30 EUR-NAT ICAO COG/AIM TF – AIM solutions for ATM needs – Regional approach and best practice – Mr. Sergii Tkach – Ukraine

10h30 -11h15 Coffee break – CGX AERO

11h15 -11h45 Industry Stream COMSOFT
11h45 -12h15 NACC – CANSO AIS-AIM Summary – Mr. Gregory Pray – FAA AIS Manager – USA

12h15 -14h00 Lunch break – FREQUENTIS

14h00 -14h30 SAM – The Importance of Professional Associations – Mrs. Silvia Garcia – IFAIMA SAM Regional Director and CPAAAAA President – Argentina
14h30 -15h00 SAM – Integrated PIB AIS/MET/NAV/COM/SAR – PIB – Marcílio Pinto de Vasconcelos – Brazil
15h00 -15h30 Industry Stream – Frequentis
15h30 -16h00 MID – AIM Challenges and Opportunities – Mr. Ahmed Allam – IFAIMA MID Regional Director – Egypt

16h00-16h45 Coffee break – AVITECH

16H45 -17H15 SAM – The Operational Dispatch at Argentine Republic – Gustavo Roberto D‘Antiochia – Aircraft Dispatchers Professional Association – Argentina

Summary Day 2

17h15 Summary Day 2 – Moderator

Day 3 – 30th May

Session 5: Technical
09H30-10H00 ICAO – FPL 2012 – Mr. Michael W. Hohm – Technical officer, Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM), ICAO Montreal

Session 6: Regions’ AIM Overview (cont.)
10h00 -10h30 NACC – Following the Roadmap – NGA Aero Data FROM the world TO the world – Fred J. Calfior – International Services Representative AIM at NGA Global Aeronautical Division and IFAIMA NACC Regional Director – USA
10h30 -11h00 MID – AIM Personnel Certification – Experiences in Iran AIS – Abbas Niknejad – Head of Iran AIS ( Not performed )

11h00 -11h45 Coffee break – IFAIMA

Session 7: Panel Debate
11h45 -12h15 Facilitated debate with Questions & Answers

Session 8: IFAIMA
12h15 -12h30 IFAIMA the way forward – Mr. Fernando Lopes – President

Session 9: Closing
12h30 Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations & Close Out – Moderator

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