Training and Consulting Cooperation with United ATS

Training and Consulting Cooperation with United ATS

IFAIMA and United ATS will Continue their Contribution to IFAIMA Members in good standing and respective organizations through the following offer effective for 2019-2020:1. 50% off as discount on tuition fees for all related AIM Training Courses provided by United ATS Training Center as per Training Catalogue 2019 except ICAO STP or ITP Courses. MoU between IFAIMA and UATS referenced 20151106 MoU IFAIMA UATS still in force.

2. TOD Software Portal – Free access for one year to UATSADSGT web portal which includes both Terrain and Obstacle Data Management, Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Tools, and TYPE A Operating Limitation Chart production tools.

3. Area 1 eTOD consultancy services to support CAA to implement Area 1 to their State from Data Collection to the Data Exchange.

4. Free of charge 3D Tower Simulator Software for one year limited access license.

You are invited, in case you’re interested, to express your wish to take advantage of this cooperation. IFAIMA will then make a selection process and forward to United ATS.

Should you have any clarifications or questions, please do not hesitate to contact IFAIMA.
See all information here.

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