Global AIM Dubai 2014

IMPLEMENTING AIM – THE NEXT GENERATION AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS   Global AIM Dubai 2014 on the news Photos & Videos Presentations (Click the links on the Agenda below to open a specific presentation)   Agenda   Day 1 1000 Fernando Lopes – IFAIMA Welcome – IFAIMA 1005 His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Ahli – DCAA and DANS Opening Speech – DCAA and […]

Global AIM Istanbul 2013 & ICAO EUR/MID AIM/SWIM Seminar

IFAIMA GLOBAL AIM 2013 & ICAO EUR/MID AIM/SWIM Seminar – Istanbul – Turkey AIM SUPPORT TO SEAMLESS ATM IN A SWIM ENVIRONMENT Agenda Title/Topic Speaker Organization/Sponsored by Day 1 – 14 May Registration IFAIMA Session 1: Introduction IFAIMA Welcome Fernando Lopes IFAIMA ICAO Opening Speech Michael Hohm ICAO EUROCONTROL Opening Speech Paul Bosman EUROCONTROL General […]

Global AIM Buenos Aires 2012

AIM IMPLEMENTATION OPPORTUNITIES   Day 1 – 28th May Session 1: Welcome 10h00 -10h05 IFAIMA Welcome 10h05 -10h10 Introduction – Moderator Mr. Michael W. Hohm – Technical officer, Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM), ICAO Montreal 10h10 -10h30 Key Note Speeches – Mr. Roberto Arca Jaurena on behalf of Mr. Franklin Hoyer the ICAO SAM Regional Director / […]

Global AIM Lisbon 2011

AIM IMPLEMENTATION   Day 1 – 27th June Session 1: Welcome 10h00-10h05 Introduction – Moderator 10h05-10h30 Key Note Speeches – ICAO EUR-NAT Reg. Director, Portuguese Authority – INAC and Portuguese ANSP – NAV Portugal 10h30-10h35 IFAIMA Introduction – Mr. Fernando Lopes – President – Portugal 10h35-11h20 Coffee break sponsored by AVITECH   Session 2: Ongoing Structural Implementations 11h20-11h50 ICAO – Mr. […]